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How you can become a Friend?

Contact the Terrell County Public Library at (912) 995-2902 or fill out the membership form below, indicating which category of membership you prefer (Individual, Family, Business ). Membership fees vary from group to group and are all tax-deductible. Indicate on the form whether you would like to be a working member or simply contribute to library programs with your financial support.

Attend monthly and annual Friends meetings to get to know other members and find out about the needs of your library.

Membership in the Terrell County  Friends of the Library means continued support for our Library and an opportunity to bring cultural enrichment to our community.

Please enroll me as a Member of the Friends of the Terrell County Library.



City________________________         State________        Zip Code _______________

Phone (______) _______________   Today's date______________________________

Membership types: 
Individual-$5.00; Family-$10.00;  Business-$25-99.00;  Silver Sponsor-$100.00;
Gold Sponsor-$250.00; Platinum Sponsor-$500 & up

I want to join as a _____________________ Member.            Annual dues: $_________

Date_____________        Check one:   I am a new _____        renewing ____    member.

Please make you check payable to the Friends of the Terrell County Library and write "Membership" on the Memo line.

____ Yes, I would like to find out more about opportunities to volunteer. The best time to call is ______  AM __  PM ___.

Or you may e-mail the County Librarian,  Claudia Copeland  or call her at (912) 995-2902 for more information on how you can help.

Please print and mail your completed form and check or money order to:

Friends of the Library
Terrell County Public Library
913 Forrester Drive SE
Dawson, Georgia 31742

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