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Articles provide some of the best information on any given topic and should never be overlooked in favor of books. However, finding good articles on your topic can sometimes be a little frustrating... until you know how to look for them!

To find articles, you need to look in DATABASES available through BISON's Online Resources area because individual articles are not listed in the UB Libraries Catalog. Instead, DATABASES keep track of articles for you. Databases are like catalogs for articles. UB has over 100 databases for you to use!

But if there are so many databases, how do you know which ones to use? Well, you can start by looking at

Expanded Academic ASAP or PA Research II (ProQuest)

which are great places to start research in any subject! Both of these databases include many FULL-TEXT articles, meaning entire articles will come up on the screen for you to read or print right from your computer!

Try BISON Databases By Subject for more choices. This page divides the databases into subject categories! Just click on the subject you need and a list of databases related to that subject will appear. Then click on the database you want to use and start searching.

Database Search Tips

Some databases only give CITATIONS to articles -- basic information like the article title and author, and the name, date and pages of the article -- instead of FULL-TEXT. When this happens, you have to find out in which JOURNAL the article appeared -- it should say this in the citation. Go into the UB Libraries Catalog and do a TITLE search for the NAME OF THE JOURNAL (sometimes called source title or periodical title). DO NOT SEARCH FOR THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE.

The UB Libraries Catalog will tell you which UB Libraries own the journal, and the CALL NUMBER for the journal. After finding this information, go to the library listed, find the journal (also called periodical) collection, and then find the call number. The final step is to find the volume you need and then read or photocopy the article.

UB Libraries Catalog | UB Libraries Web Catalog Help (Title Search Page)

When you are ready, click Finding Books or Finding Web Sources to learn how to locate these resources


click Research Assistant to go back to the Research Assistant ladder or Evaluating Sources to go to the next step in the research process.

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Last updated: August 13, 2000